Women's Alum Grey Tee
Women's Alum Grey Tee
Women's Alum Grey Tee

Women's Alum Grey Tee

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An All-Season Garment, Naturally Dyed using alum & iron vinegar along with the base/mordant Chebulic Myrobalan.

This naturally occurring  substance has been in application since 2000 years for food processing & medication. Alum stops or decreases hemorrhage & bleeding. Also used to avoid or treat infections & boost particular vaccines, this valuable resource has many more benefits which makes it a must have in your medicine cabinet. 

It is a well-known for its Anti-bacterial as well as germ killing qualities which combat and restrain bacterial infection hence It comes as no surprise that it is Alum as the main component which gives your t-shirts the property of "Anti-Odour" 

T-shirt Composition: 100% GOTS Premium Organic Cotton

**This product is naturally dyed by hand & there may be slight irregularities occurring in the color shade & color uniformity. These irregularities are the hallmark of hand dyeing & make each exquisite piece one-of-its-kind.

***The Anti-odour property may vary from person to person depending on the pH levels of their body.

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