Men's Vinegar Violet Tee
Men's Vinegar Violet Tee
Men's Vinegar Violet Tee

Men's Vinegar Violet Tee

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An All-Season Garment, Naturally Dyed using lac & iron vinegar along with the base/mordant Chebulic Myrobalan.

Lac is used both internally and externally. Externally it is known to treat skin diseases like fungal infection, eczema, scabies, herpes and is helpful even in the case of injuries. Internally it helps in Osteoarthritis, internal bleeding, intestinal parasites, low bone mineral density etc.

In olden days, there were no iron tablets available hence pregnant women used to take a teaspoon of the solution of fermented iron vinegar for completing their iron deficiencies.

 T-shirt Composition: 100% GOTS Premium Organic Cotton

**This product is naturally dyed by hand & there may be slight irregularities occurring in the color shade & color uniformity. These irregularities are the hallmark of hand dyeing & make each exquisite piece one-of-its-kind.

***The Anti-odour property may vary from person to person depending on the pH levels of their body.

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