Stop Mindless Consumerism!!

Whenever we go for shopping we want to buy almost all that we look at, in one glance. As ‘More’ is always a criteria we try to squeeze in as much as possible in the budget we come with. Such mindless consumerism is also one of the reasons that manufacturers produce cheaper and larger quantities of finished garments. Well we know in this bargain, workers are the most affected. Textile Industry is the second most polluting to Oil Industry, this also is the reason for it being in the limelight apart from other unethical practices like poor working conditions, low salary, child labour etc. 
I was shocked to read a news article lately which was 5 years old, that might be still existing and needs to be taken seriously. Some worldwide renowned brands were testified for their work culture in India and it was found that the workers were verbally and physically abused. They were called names like “Dogs and Donkeys” if the impossible target set for the day could not be completed. They were constantly under pressure by the supervisors who did not give them breaks even to drink water or go to toilet. “An awfully torturous inhuman work environment” I must say. The women workers after the factory hours had to do extra domestic help to top up with the meagre wages they earned. It was saddening to read about how they got paid far less in a month compared to one piece of their clothing being sold at a time. 
No safe working conditions, long hours of work, abused emotionally and physically, underpaid, does this ring a bell in your mind about how these workers survived such horrification??
The growth of sustainability can be possible when we stop mindless consumerism by actually buying less and choosing well. At the onset of our ethical practices as consumers we are not only helping the people but also the planet by conserving valuable resources.
If shopping for clothes without its actual need brings you happiness, think twice…someone somewhere is paying the price for it.
Reference:- The Guardian

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