Natural Plant Dyes with Organic Clothing - A Boon

Over many years we have faced the brunt of Synthetics dyes in the textile sector which is seen and experienced vividly by all. Being commercially viable means mass produced and an environmental hazard which has left us with "Resurgence for Natural Plant Dyes”.

Let's get back to basics with nature gifted sources at our disposal. 

We need to understand the importance of Natural Dyes and how to practically make it work in the Textile sector.

Natural Plant Dye Ingredients

Why Natural Plant Dyes are important?

  1. Workers Paradise:- Due to long overtime or accidental exposure with the process of synthetic dyeing workers in the factories are likely to have most health issues like respiratory problems, weak immune system, sore eyes etc in the long run. Isn’t the safety of workers important to us? As we know Natural dyeing process will not harm the artisans because the base of the process is not chemicals but natural ingredients from plants, barks, flowers, and regenerative vines.
  2. Aiding Skin Allergies:- Due to synthetic dyeing heavy chemical compounds like PPD (phenylenediamine), mercury, lead, chromium, toluene etc are used thus accelerating skin related problems like eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis etc and even worse when synthetic fiber fabrics (polyester, nylon, acetate, acrylic) with synthetic dyeing is worn. To avoid such misery, we could simply shift our shopping culture into buying more naturally dyed clothes as they improve human body resistance from outside chemicals and infections but also serve as a medicine to the body by healing and repairing it. 
  3. Renewable Resources:- Since dyes are made out of renewable resources such as fruits, regenerative vines, flowers, and leaves, it helps in supporting long-term ecological balance. 
  4. Environment Protection:- Definitely non-toxic process of natural dyeing will create non-toxic waste which means we can safely reuse the wastewater as fertilizers for the plantation whereas the sludge can be used as manure thus acting as enhancers which will in term boost our ecosystem.

At the end, we can conclude that natural plant dyeing has unlimited benefits from being non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-allergic, biodegradable and much more but the important criteria is the application of its process undertaken by not only small cottage industries but by huge manufacturing companies so as to increase its viability, mobility and reduced cost of production. Natural organic clothing shouldn’t be a luxury only to a few but a necessity to all especially in today’s times where we are faced with so many health and environmental issues. 

Shop our natural plant dyed organic clothing collection to know the difference from its counterparts. 

“Preservation of our environment is not liberal or conservative challenge, its common sense”                                                                                                                                           -Ronald Reagen

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