14 Ways for a Sustainable and Progressive Living

Metaphorically speaking, but yes our efforts to live consciously will impact our surroundings eventually. It's like when we start caring for the passage outside our door to be kept clean, then it extends to our society then slowly the public roads and then nature itself such a virtuous thought in itself makes us feel alive. If nature creates problems it even has the power to provide solutions. So let's embrace this thought and live a minimalist life where we can live with only needs and not wants.
I want to bring light on few simple but essential steps to bring a change in our lifestyle. What I know of is to set a habit it takes 21 days so its a deliberate effort with a fruitful outcome. 
1. Give up bottled water and replace it with a portable glass or steel water bottles which can be easy to refill. Let's not add to the ever growing plastic menace where millions of tons of plastics goes directly into the water stream. 
                                                      Say no to Plastic Bottles
2. Recycle - When we throw away stuff that we are glad to get rid off  but unfortunately they end up in the landfills degrading the soil and polluting the waters. So recycling is necessary as it saves material and the energy put in producing that material. Segregate waste into food waste (wet waste) which can also be used as compost for your plants & dry waste which consists of cans, tins, plastic packaging & bottles etc, all which can be recycled. 
Composting an Eco-friendly way to grow fruits and vegetables
3. Conserving electricty, switching off lights when stepping out or having automative lighting, open windows & let in the natural sunlight during the day & especially having french-windows makes indoors well lit-up & ventilated. Hand washing clothes when low in quantities and drying in the shade is the best way for clothes to breath and feel fresh while also saving on energy.
4. Commuting locally the best way is to walk or else bicycles are the way to go. In this bargain you are healthy and the environment too. When traveling distances, using public transport is great in reducing your carbon footprint. Also, try taking stairs wherever possible. 
5. Growing your own herbs, veggies and fruits with one or two pots around the house does help. Having indoor plants creates a calming effect on mind as well. As you nurture nature in your own small way, it will nurture you.
Be paperless in your office, at home and have things digital until its really necessary. Save on gift bags and wraps for later use. Lets save some trees people…and plant them more.
 6. Avoid using plastic bags when grocery shopping instead get your own cloth bags or do a DIY with an old T-shirt. Lets get clothes repurposed.  
7. Instead of using plastic wraps make your own bees wax cloth wraps and it really works. Even avoid aluminum tin foil in high temperature cooking especially food containing spices or acids as it will leach into the food posing health issues. 
8. Reuse your kitchen glass jars, use washable metal or glass straws instead of plastic ones. But hey we are adults we can straight away have it from the glass or bottle. Use cloth napkins/towels instead of paper ones plus repurpose old worn out clothes as cleaning rags and have your own DIY cleaning agents like mixing baking soda and white vinegar with some essential oil works well and not only that, this concoction works for other stuff like cleaning the narrow bottles, blender, coffee maker, microwave, washing and unclogging drain.
9. Buy sustainable clothing from brands that are ethical and encourage slow fashion movement. If on a budget buy secondhand clothes and be a minimalist conscious consumer. You can checkout our affordable natural plant dyed collection here. And why do we use natural plant dyes to colour our clothing, click here.
10. Avoid using rugs and carpets made of petroleum based synthetic fibers. Avoid leather, PVC or PUC fabrics for couches and chairs. Refurbish the existing furniture into something new. Use low voc paints for the walls as they are eco friendly.
11. Replace your plastic toothbrush with a biodegradable one. Even you can make a homemade toothpaste thus discouraging chemical laden market toothpastes. The same applies to the cosmetics as the big brands have all the kind of chemicals and preservative so please be diligent while selecting of what you put on your face and checkout the brands that have organic and eco-friendly ingredients and minerals in their products.
Recycle Electronics
12. Please give your electronic devices and appliances for recycling rather than disposing them off. A lot of electronic company outlets along with those of the phone company outlets too have the provision of recycling & safely disposing used electronic devices. You could always visit the nearest outlet for this purpose. 
13. When shopping for household articles, decorative items for your home, opt for products which are made using natural materials & not created out of plastic. More preferably, get creative by DIY’s like photo frames, lamps, wall hangings and a lot more.
14. Sharing my Personal Experience
Whenever I am down with flu, I listen to my body and take precautionary steps in the beginning i.e. resorting to Natural remedies like, garlic cloves, ginger honey, black pepper with turmeric and cinnamon and a lot more. Also licorice root and elecampane is great for whooping cough. Though its a slow process & could take up to a week or ten days to recover that too by repeating the whole cycle 3 times a day but its completely worth it. Since during those days, you don’t end up feeling worse which happens by popping in synthetic pills/antibiotics that actually kills the good bacteria in the gut disturbing the rhythm of the body and somehow slowly taking away the ability of the body to recover by itself.
To sum it up, these were some of the alternatives to live healthily and lead a sustainable life which will not only create a synergy between the environment and us but also giving us the assurance of safe future for the generations ahead. Getting back to basics by eliminating waste and upgrading lifestyle with a conscious approach will lead to a greater good in the end.

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